“Meth lab?” was one jocose suggestion

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https://www.topcanadagooseoutlett.ca Apparently originating out in the cold, dark bush, the gaslighting phenomenon left us second guessing ourselves in a state of semi consciousness; wondering if we actually heard what we thought we’d heard. We were reduced to soap opera actors scrambling for lines, sniffing the air, as if detecting something even more malodorous than that being served up by the script department.Groggy with flashbacks of the 1989 Newcastle earthquake when it announced itself to us folk farther up the valley with a deep orthopaedic crack, I rushed to the verandah and scanned the night for any aftershocks but met only those noises of the south I now, somewhat treacherously, find even more familiar than those of my northern formation.A supposedly diurnal beast, our place stirs unnaturally until dawn; its many feet padding the hallway, its many fingers flicking switches.Luckily, with access to another of those blights of modern life social media we were able to learn many others in our dozy precinct had also heard and felt the eruption.”Meth lab?” was one jocose suggestion, and actually quite soothing in its credibility because at least it meant we weren’t going mad.And as much as I would have liked to ponder more thoroughly the comforting reality that I’d chosen to raise our children within spitting distance of a bikie ice station (not to mention congratulate myself on my property ladder acumen) I was too tired because this latest interruption was just another jump of the needle charting our family’s fractured sleep patterns.Different ages, different sexes, different workplaces, different schools, different schedules, different diets, different dramas, different desires. It all adds up to a circadian circus of bedtime bedlam and as the self appointed ringleaders (and animal tamers) under our tin big top, my wife and I run the show from the king size; tossing and turning and perpetually tuning in to what’s transpiring outside (possums, mostly) and, more importantly, inside the rooms and even the minds (TV, mostly) of our restive offspring.Once saddled with kids, REM no longer stands for Rapid Eye Movement, it’s acronymic for Relentless Emergency Mode and, like the Phantom, we sleep with one eye open, poised to pounce whenever someone needs our help (“Empty bladder before bed”: Old jungle saying) and, like ghosts who walk, we wear black masks all day long to show for it.But, by the sound of it, no one in the 21st century is satisfied in the bedroom, especially busy families, and now that coronavirus has allowed us an existential reboot, it seems sleep is also up for renewal.Having seen their children thriving from not having to rise early for school during isolation, some parents are already advocating for a more free range arrangement; one where kids find their own rhythm; go to bed later, sleep longer and surface around lunchtime.And although such innovators may be a little too devoted to the teachings of The Dude, there could be something to this slacker approach to soporifics, particularly when looking at the results of longitudinal studies which suggest school kids are already racking up the kind of deficit they may never claw back, something their parents know only too well as Thursday morning strikes like a cobra..

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