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Media watchers say the CBC, Canada’s public broadcaster, will feel the loss of ad revenues from its top show, “Hockey Night in Canada,” a Saturday night ritual in bars and living rooms across the country. “‘Hockey Night in Canada’ is their biggest drawing property in terms of audience,” says Helena Shelton of Media Buying Services in Toronto. “They’re planning alternative programming, but no one is going to go there to watch reruns of old movies.”.

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cheap nba Jerseys china “Obviously, at this point it’s just frustrating,” captain Shea Weber said after the game. “So you got to stick together in here and find your way out of it. We’re all frustrated, we’re all pissed off. Vincent Trocheck is the team DJ, an honor he said former player Shawn Thornton bestowed upon him simply by asking him to play music. Lately, Trocheck has spun Matoma’s “Old Thing Back” as the victory anthem, which fills the dressing room through a chorus of his teammates. (“Once you find a rhythm, you get used to listening to the same win song,” Bjugstad said.).

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wholesale nba jerseys Hearing and recognizing the nuance in an opponent’s viewpoint can be a first step to bridging chasms in our community.We hope that readers will be a part of the discussion. We welcome letters to the editor and commentary pieces regardless of their viewpoint or popularity, provided the opinions expressed are grounded in fact. And let us know what you think. wholesale nba jerseys

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